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Bespoke Furniture


Bespoke Furniture Design


If you have searched everywhere but still cannot find that unique piece of furniture that you are looking for on the high street, we will strive to bring your vision to life. Often, our clients will have found several different pieces of furniture that reflect some of the design elements they are looking for, but are not featured together in a single, unique piece. Alternatively, it may not be built to the high standards they require.

For these purposes, custom-made bespoke furniture is a great way to achieve the exact needs and unique finishes you desire. Along with our professional guidance, and in consultation with experienced craftsmen and artisans, we can create a tailor-made piece especially for you.

Bespoke furniture is a great way to bring a truly personalised and unique touch to your interior spaces. Whether you have something specific in mind or if you want some advice on the best way to fill a space with custom-made furniture, the team at Designer Touches will be happy to assist. From picking the right materials to coming up with creative and functional designs, we treat every aspect of the custom-made furniture design process with the utmost care.

Explore our project portfolio to see some of the previous bespoke furniture pieces our team has provided for our satisfied clients.


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